Bromeliads for the discrening plant collector


Bromeliads will grow quite well without fertilizer, however you can grow much healthier looking plants, which will mature faster, if you use some fertilizer. There are two basic ways to fertilize them. Bromeliads can absorb nourishment through their leaves, so liquid fertilizer applied as a spray works well, but remember the golden rule is "a little often."  Dilute liquid fertilizer down to a very weak mix and give it to your plants every two weeks and they will thrive. But remember don't over fertilize Neoregelias as they may lose their bright colours and turn green.

Generally try to find a liquid fertilizer which has an NPK ratio with a lower N and a higher K if possible. High nitrogen levels (N) promote leaf growth and sometimes your plant will lose some of its colour. Hight phosperous levels (K) promote stronger colours and better flowering.  

Bromeliads will also absorb nourishment throught their roots so a slow release fertilizer in the potting mix also works well. Mix some pellets into your potting mix and the plants will thrive for many months. Once again don't over do it a teaspoon per pot is enough.

Dynamic lifter has been used by some people with good results but it is very rich so you ned to be very careful when using it. Some have tried organic fertilizers such as Fish based fertilizers successfully. I have not tried them so it is a case of finding what you like and what suits your area.

I have found a combination of both foliar feeding regularly and slow release pellets int the potting mix works well for me.

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