Bromeliads for the discrening plant collector


The types of potting mix used for growing bromeliads is very variable and many growers have their specific favourites. One thing in common is that they need to be moist but free draining. Most bromeliads types don't like their roots sitting in water sodden soil. For the home grower an open mix like cymbidium orchid mix is excellent for growing bromeliads. Many growers use mulched pine bark and others use combinations of these and volcanic rock.

Do some experimenting and see which mix is best for you in your area.The important thing is most bromeliads don't like being potted in garden soil.

If you want to put your brom in the garden, dig a hole larger than the pot, put some free draing mix in the hole and place the plant pot and all into the hole. Fill the hole to the top with free draing mix and then mulch around the plant to hide the pot. Providing the hole doesn't hold water the plant will grow and when you want to take pups off  you can just pull the whole pot out and replace it with the newly potted up pups.

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